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In previous Laravel releases, you could pass an array as the first parameter to the Binding classes into the container with leading slashes is no longer supported.This feature required a significant amount of string formatting calls to be made within the container.Instead, simply register your bindings without a leading slash: method no longer accepts a second array of parameters. Typically, you can always construct the object in another way that is more intuitive. If the foreign key is not explicitly specified when defining a relationship, Eloquent will now use the table name and primary key name for the related model to build the foreign key.For the vast majority of applications, this is not a change of behavior.Previously, this would fall into the dynamic "where" clause builder and add a "where" clause for the "key" column.

If you are upgrading from Laravel 5.3 and using the pre-built Passport Vue components, you should make sure the Axios library is globally available to your application as will now return a new collection instance with one item. This method will only return a single object if no arguments are supplied.We attempt to document every possible breaking change.Since some of these breaking changes are in obscure parts of the framework only a portion of these changes may actually affect your application.This feature required the use of special libraries to serialize Closures since PHP does not natively support this feature.If your application contains a package into your application.

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