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It's estimated that 10 million Chinese had some type of a sexually transmitted disease in 1949.

But after the communists took power and initiated mandatory screening, free treatment and a crackdown on prostitution, STD's were all but eradicated by the 1970s.

In fact, the groups experiencing the highest surge in HIV and other STD infections are males over the age of 60 (who are said to visit brothels due to unhappy marriages) and male college students between the ages of 20 and 24, who are increasingly paying for sex.There is also a high rate of STDs amongst the country's 200 million migrant workers whom spend long periods of time away from their spouse and resort to prostitution.Habitual heroin users which account for 70% of China's total drug addicts contract diseases like HIV, hepatitis and many other blood transmitted diseases by sharing and reusing infected hypodermic needles.A more realistic approach that will greatly reduce the chances of contracting an STD is to not engage in unprotected sexual relations with members from high-risk communities.And while foreigners legally living in China initially passed the syphilis and HIV tests, one can never be certain of a potential partner's sexual history.

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