Leo dating a sagittarius

He is generous with romantic words ( calling, texting, video ). He is willing to cover me with gifts and i have to stop him cause he already bought some. yes love is so amazing with him but it is true he is very much not a talker and does shut down, I know then you have to make him feel like he is number 1 and the he rules and you follow.

Leo man should respect the integrity of his wife's personality, while the Sagittarius woman should gently but firmly show her husband her personal strengths.

My friends then called him back over and we exchanged numbers. I'm a sag woman and the same as Elish, I encountered a leo which complements me and makes me feel how beautiful I am despite of me, being simple.

We met up the next day and all i can say is i experienced some of the most passionate moments I've ever had in my life. I am beautiful, yes, but he makes me feel MORE beautiful than actually being beautiful...

The reason I am attracted to him because he compliments me all the time and tells me how well I look and how I should wear my hair and that he prefers me natural and tells me I look sexy today.

Does he fancy me or is it just a leo thing to say that to a woman casually?

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