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Love Bites was originally set to focus on Annie (Becki Newton) and Frannie (Jordana Spiro), two single women exploring the ups and downs of dating, love, and sex, while dealing with the fact that all their other friends have married.

Off-camera complications, including Spiro's commitment to another show and Newton's pregnancy, delayed production, and the show was eventually retooled as an anthology series, focusing on three short vignettes per episode similar to Love, American Style.

But I drive a 4X4 and will go off-road if I feel it's worth it.

In this case, I think it may be something worth chasing.

Each story was often intertwined by a common theme or character, and was related to the three main protagonists: Annie (Becki Newton), Judd (Greg Grunberg), and Colleen (Constance Zimmer/Pamela Adlon in the pilot).

Annie's friend, Cassie lies that she is a virgin to attract a guy.

Or am I working with someone who has no chance of giving me their all?

Ed and Faye Strathmore visit their son Kyle and his boyfriend in Venice. When Annie's niece, Christy asks a shy teenager to go with her to the prom, everybody tries to advise him.

Here goes: Her son came home late after I had left.

He saw my car there during the day and didn't want to come home.

She may try therapy this week but has never tried it before with him. We meet people and accept everything they may have, or not have in their lives.

I, in no way want to change someone, but in this case, I think some change is necessary.

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Judd and his friend are on a flight with Jennifer Love Hewitt.

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