Signing and dating doctors orders

You'll want to be sure that any test, whether or not you really need it, is covered by your insurance for your symptoms or diagnosis.

Also, when extra tests are ordered for no more benefit than the doctor's income, we all pay for them.

If it's a simple correction, then you can strike one line through the incorrect information, and handwrite the correction.

By doing it this way, the person in the provider's office will find it most easily and be able to correct it most easily.

We pay in the form of increased premiums, and we pay in the form of increased taxes to fund government payers.

In fact, over-testing costs the system millions, if not billions of dollars annually.

Determine exactly what the error is and whether it needs correcting.

The provider or facility must act on your request within 60 days but may extend up to 30 days if they provide a reason to you in writing.If they sent you a form to fill out, you may staple this copy to the form.4.If the correction is more involved, you may need to write a letter outlining why you think it is wrong and what the correction is.If you do write a letter, make sure you include some basics, such as your name and the date of service of your letter, then staple your letter to the copy of the page that contains the error.Be concise, and write the correction exactly as you think it should be noted.

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