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I don't drink, I don't smoke, and I'm not very good at parties; the larger the gathering, the more uncomfortable I become.

I try to be witty and charming, but most of the time I'm very esoteric and hard to understand. I watch religiously, and, well, need I mention my comic-book collection?

“Once we found that first truck, I was on my own.” Prostitution is an open secret among the nomads of America’s highways.

“I was scared,” she says, now 15, recalling the first of hundreds of forced encounters with truckers two or three times her age. So I thought, ‘Just do it, and don’t cause problems.'” Summer (not her real name) has decided to tell her story to shine light on a shameful crime—the sex trafficking of minors in the U. Investigators say there are likely hundreds of underage girls like Summer who have been lured to work as prostitutes in truck stops in Oklahoma, Washington, California and other states. “A family pulling into one of these truck stops wouldn’t know this is going on.

“This isn’t something that’s happening on a distant shore, it’s happening right in our communities,” says Robert Mc Campbell, a former U. The truth is it’s happening everywhere.” Last December, U. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales announced that more than 500 people have been arrested on child prostitution-related charges—and more than 200 children rescued—since a large-scale federal investigation called Innocence Lost began in 2003.

One of three daughters raised in an Oklahoma City suburb by Cindy, a school custodian, and Dennis, a handyman, she was 11 when she began using drugs. One afternoon, a man in his early 20s pulled alongside her in a car and asked if she’d like to go to a party.

The girl in the passenger seat “looked around my age and was really pretty,” says Summer.

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The girls hand all the money to a lead prostitute, who gives it to the pimp.

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