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It should be blank, if it was needed it would show "Started" in that column.

There are several Utilities that can reset the DNS Client for you ...

I am running 1.4.16 Ip Cop , with all the latest patches. Hope to hear from anyone if there's a fix--or will try to post if I find one.ok, there is a fix for this, but it uses way more ram than normal, raqther than 9mb per interface its using like 90 now.

but i have 1.5gb ram in ipcop tooyou change some setting in the snort rule set file from current to 2_6 and thats it, you manually restart the interfaces from cmd line, or download new updates, save and apply thru the web gui» ··· &t=10368that link has the fix, youll see my reply in there as wellgood luck yall, ipcop ftw!

Simply locate the "hosts.zip" file you downloaded, by default it should be located in your "User" Download folder.IPCop will release a new version sooner or later, 1.4.17, which should contain a fix for this, but it is taking time because, in essence, it is necessary to rebuild all of IPCop to address this (and other problems).3.There is also going to be a modularized IPCOP, based on kernel 2.6 which should be much better at handling changes.4.Highlight the file (single-click) then right-click and select Extract All from the menu ...Next: Make sure there is a check in the "Show extracted files when complete" option Next: right-click the installer "mvps.bat" and select: Run as Administrator (see below) Ok the UAC prompt and the batch file will run ... MVP) then copy the updated HOSTS file to the proper location.

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